Lavatory Drains

Watco IdealLav™ 715/815
Lavatory Drain

  • One-piece, drop-in installation through drain hole and secured by a nut under sink
  • Chrome Plated Cast Brass or PVC Tube Versions Finished in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Rubbed Bronze, Or Wrought Iron
  • Brass Tube/Brass Grid Strainer:
  • 815-B-CP Chrome
  • 815-B-BN Brushed Nickel
  • 815-B-BZ Rubbed Bronze
  • 815-B-WI Wrought Iron
  • Plastic Tube/Grid Strainer:
  • 715-P-CP, Chrome
  • 715-P-BN Brushed Nickel
  • 715-P-BZ Rubbed Bronze
  • 715-P-WI Wrought Iron
  • Removable, replaceable grid strainer with O-ring seal
  • Internal stopper seats below grid strainer
  • Grid strainer prevents hair and other objects from entering drain overflow
  • Oversized pivot ball nut Fits standard sinks with overflow
  • Eliminates need for separate overflow test plug
  • Eliminates leaks due to loose overflow attachment
  • Eliminates dual inventory of one- and two-hole overflow plates

Model 800/801-PF PRESFLO®
Model 800/801-PP PUSH PULL®

  • Brass strainer bodies, stoppers, and drop tubes.
  • Designed for heavy-duty use in hotels, motels, and rental prty.
  • Replaceable stoppers available.