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Universal NuFit

Universal NuFit™ Trim Kits

The Quickest Way to a Brand-New Bath Drain. In just a few minutes you can install a sparkling, shiny new drain and stopper.
You don't even have to remove the old strainer body. No tools needed.

- Does not extend down into the drain
  which means it can be used in
  almost any tub.

- Not limited by inside diameter
  or depth of the strainer body.

- Installs in Minutes!

Innovator CableFlex

Innovator® CableFlex™

The Innovator® CableFlex™ is fully repairable from
inside the tub.

- Fully-testable cable bath waste; test plug included.
- Installs inminutes like the Innovator®.
- Self-centering; self-aligning.
- Positive mechanical stop stays open in deep water
- A flexible stopper; no more stubbing toes.

NuFit NuFit™ Trim Kits

Simple. Quick. Straight-Forward.

Install a shiny new drain and stopper
in minutes with Watco NuFit™ Trim Kit.
You don't even have to remove the
old strainer body.

- Easily upgrade the look of your
  bath drain without removing the
  strainer body.

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